Video Production

Story development, DSLR shooter, video editor

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Motion Graphics

Infographics & presentations


Product, portrait, event, and nature.

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Social Media

Driving community engagement through social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram and more.

My Resume at a Glance

Thanks to sites like you can visualize your resume in minutes.

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Analytics & Metircs

Driving engagement through quantifiable metrics. Using Google Analytics, Hootsuite reports, Facebook Insights and more.

I help organizations and companies tell their stories online using the latest digital technologies. Leveraging the latest social media channels to engage their audiences.

Digital Media Specialist

Wicalo's Youtube Page

 Content Strategy

Identifying trusted digital content to deliver to your audience is just as important as producing new content. Knowing how to leverage both through production or curation to meet your business or organizations objectives can have a significant impact on engagement and ROI.


 Content Production

Production of multimedia content, such as video production, creative writing, web design, motion graphic animations, blogs, photography and more are crucial devices to reach digitally savvy audiences.


Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool, which allows us to connect, share, educate and engage with your target influencers. Crafting the story of your audience and consumers using the social graph will help systematically drive engament.


Measuring Success

Setting quantifiable benchmarks throughout the life of the project can keep your project on track, but will also allow you to reassess what is not working, ensuring project or campaign success.