Trials of the Trails: Director

  • Director: Kevin Michael Martin
  • DoP: Chad Tweten
  • Producer: HustonTronnes
  • Editor: Brian Wilson

Once graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2004 I decided that I really needed to learn more about the technological and theoretical aspects of film production. I had already been throughout the country filming in places like San Diego, Mexico, Washington DC, Farmington New Mexico, Georgia and more. But had little background knowledge in film production.

So in the spring of 2005 I decided to take off and leave for Vancouver British Columbia where I would attend Vancouver Film School. While attending I had the fortune to make 4 films serving in various above the line and below the line positions.

My first VFS film was a documentary I directed called, Trials of the Trails a documentary covering the exciting and prolific downhill mountain biking of the North Shore. When I first arrived there was a group of City Council members that felt there was a need to limit and ban the downhill biking in the rain soaked mountains. Funny thing is, the bikers took better care of these trails than the hikers and other users.

Shooting with a Sony DSR 300 and a crew of 4 we set off lugging all sorts of bulky equipment to the North Shore Mountains. We met some amazing riders and hiked all sorts of single-track trails watching sick high flying stunts and talking with some of the O.G.’s of the trials in those mountains.

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