Kevin Martin’s Entrance into the Blogosphere

Well here it is. My new blog, and what a venture it shall become. A rather exciting way to insert, interject, poke, study, speak out, and shout about things that need to be typed. I am a student of film, media, society and culture ever humbled by the vast reality of the world and all it has to teach.

This, as much of social media is becoming, is my portal to everything and nothing. An exploration into the complex and ever-changing media sphere in which we live in.  An opportunity to inform on various issues from around the globe and in my community. Most importantly delving into past, present and future media projects.

So I would like to welcome those of you whom, if any, read my utterances and find value in them. It is my hope, that this blog will become an opportunity for open dialogue and community building. A setting where conversations and collaboration can lead to a new and improved future.

Please enjoy my blog and my web site


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