What I learned about Hacking EDU at SXSW Interactive


While attending this years SXSW interactive in Austin, Texas it was a wonderful feeling to see so many passionate and creative people using technology to make a change. Many of these people are working hard to use technology as a disruptive tool within education.

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Flip the Media Goes to SXSW Interactive


Flip the Media is heading off to Austin, Texas this week for the SXSWinteractive festival and oh… what a trip it’s shapin’ up to be.

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Education Technology in Africa: ICT from the bottom up

Screen Shot 2011 12 07 At 12.30.21 PM

Education is one of the most important facets to economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The deployment of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in education and the development of pilot programs in some of the most economically depressed and rural regions of Africa can help drive innovation and empower the next generation.

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To Connect or Not to Connect?

Child On Computer

dults, children, fish, and crows all share an affinity for shiny things. While fish and crows are happy with the simple gleam of a metal object, humans often have a more sophisticated palette for visual objects. My friends are often doe eyed over the latest technological gizmos. My friends are often doe eyed over the latest technological gizmos. Children, once enraptured by a jingling set of keys, now become enthralled by the flashy hypnotic screens of an iPhone or tablet. Is the increase in consumption of shiny digital media by our children a problem?

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A Look Back on an Adventurous 2010

2010 09 28 18 38 17 152

Yet another year is behind me and I watch as a glorious and busy 2010 fades away into memory. To my chagrin I did not complete all that I set out to do, but life is like a meandering river, it is often difficult to anticipate. I find myself elated with all of the things I was fortunate to be apart of and accomplish this year.

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Clam Basket: A Story by Ed Carriere

Still Frame from the Clamshell documentary

This documentary is the second installment of a cultural film that follows Suquamish elder and master basket weaver as he weaves his signature clamshell basket passing down a waning traditional art form to his grandchild  in Indianola, Washington. The first film, Holding to Form, covered the work Ed did on a authentic bark basket he completed for IslandWood’s cultural center. …

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Communication through Digital Media

Screen Shot 2012 06 06 At 2.23.43 PM

During the past four years I have been watching, learning, experimenting, failing and succeeding in the world of film, web and media. I have been pushing to learn, adapt and improvise in the advancement of the digital age. But more importantly, I have been working to deconstruct and have begun to understand the power and complexity of what digital media …

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Divided: Director of Photography

Picture 23

Director: Jaxon Defa DoP: Kevin Michael Martin Editor: Jaxon Defa The first official film I was Director of Photography on outside of film school came through collaboration with a skilled writer in the writing program from Vancouver film school. Divided was written and Directed by Jaxon Defa. This short film was a dialogue rich, covering various stages of a relationship. …

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Feast: 2nd Camera Assistant 16mm Film


Director: Daniela “Danto” Tovar DoP: Dick Chua Producer: Alexander Joho Editor: Moira Connor The second round of our final projects at Vancouver Film School meant the use of one of my favorite cameras, the Arri SR2 16mm fi lm camera. And for this round I was selected as the 1st camera assistant. I was stoked to get this position because it …

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Goodbye: Camera Operator

Camera operator on the production Goodbye DSR 570 DV Cam

Director: Ou Chu Ping DoP: Jung Suk Park Producer: Moira Connor Camera Operator: Kevin Michael Martin So the spring of 2006 was upon us, birds chirping, flowers blooming and a close to one of the rainiest winters in Vancouver, BC’s history. I mean no sun for almost 60 days straight. Pretty wild. Despite the torrid rain and cold weather finals …

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