Film Portfolio

Welcome to my video portfolio page. The following videos are pieces that I have completed and or collaborated on. I have worked on each of these projects in various roles including: cinematographer, editor, animator, director, producer, or all of the positions combined.

I have been fortunate to collaborate on projects screened across the US and Canada at festivals, schools, museums, in theaters, on television and more.

A Walk in the Woods with Dennis Madsen:

Completed for IslandWoods fundraising campaign and helped raise 750,000. Collaborated with award winning team in story development and 'B' Camera.

Holding to Form

As a part of the IslandWood Cultural History Series, we documented Ed Carrier of the Suquamish tribe as he created his bark basket.

The Falldown

Hundreds of millions of pine trees, trillions of hungry beetles. In British Columbia the effects of meddling with earth’s climate and forests are real and red.

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Helping Youth Suceede

Final project for the MCDM's Networks & Narratives class discussing the various techniques used to drive engagement using blogs.

Farm to Cafeteria: Sprout City Farms

Sprout City Farms, in partnership with the Denver Green School, cultivates a one-acre farm in a corner of the schoolyard. The farm provides fresh, organic vegetables to the school cafeteria, and also CSA shares to the local community.